Alignment Platform for Generative AI

Alinia makes it easy for enterprises to control and guide Gen AI applications based on their policies and preferences

Safe and effective integration of Large Language Models (LLM) into enterprise applications is a complex endeavor requiring careful alignment with ethical, organizational and legal standards. 

Concerns over LLM enterprise deployment are due to a lack of control and governance of the LLM, which increases reputational risk and acts as a blocker for trustworthy adoption.

Gen AI
Alignment Platform

Our robust alignment platform combines state-of-the-art evaluation, governance and optimization techniques to make LLM deployment effective, safer and more accessible to the enterprise.


Measure alignment of your LLMs against safety & business requirements to maintain customer and public trust.


Prevent and correct unintended deviations of Gen AI applications. Customize according to your business context.



Leverage the experts in your company to continuously improve and optimize your Gen AI application.

Gen AI system evaluation

Data generation & adversarial testing

Quality & Safety checks, monitoring & documentation

Foundation models alignment & optimization

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